Our history


To celebrate our 90th Anniversary of the opening of the school building we are compiling a history of Stanmore School.
Explore the stories below and if you have stories to contribute about the school then please contact us with the details.


Foundations and the early years

The very beginning of the school
in 1922


The journey to a new building

The building and opening of the building in 1929


The 1930s through to World War II

The school continues to grow and then the war starts


Photos from our
90th anniversary celebrations

19th July 2019

We would love to hear your stories about the history of Stanmore School

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What can I say, such a great school full of brilliant memories. From climbing the frames in the playground, to taking biscuits to the local old people. The sports days on the fields, and I cant forget the outside toilets, such coldness in the winter.

I loved being at Stanmore School, I had some lovely teachers Mr Hartnel was the best, he had so much patience with my dreadful hand writing. 1968-1974

So many happy memories, I went to school here and also my children such a good school.

If you lived at the top of Stanmore, it was a long uphill struggle if you decided to spend your bus money on a Jamboree bag in Jenkins the news agent.

I have so many fun and lovely memories from when I went to school here. I'd like to wish the school and everyone who works and went to school there happy 90th anniversary. Let's hope it has another 90 years.

I worked at the school from 2007 until 2016 and both my children went to the school. Am proud to of worked with such amazing children and staff and had such an amazing time. Thanks

Mr Hammond then Mr Gunner was headmaster and I remember standing on the path outside their office on a number of occasions. Fantastic teachers were Miss Swift, Mr Askew and Mr Curran. The school dinners in the dining hall were great with hot sticky puddings that my friends and I queued up for seconds, and not forgetting the dinner ladies. In particular Mrs Sheldrake. Also not forgetting the school patrol lady Margaret Cole.

I have very fond memories of attending the school between 1966-1972. My first teacher was Miss Clark and I can remember the huge radio on the classroom wall on which we would listen to and join in with the “Music and Movement” programme. In our first year we had school dinners in the classroom, but after that we had them in the dining hall which was next to the railway line. For some reason, having green custard sticks in my mind! I can remember being in the choir and also being a shepherd in the school nativity play. Miss Swift always played military music on the record player as we walked into assembly in the school hall and the hall was also used for PE lessons - I was so proud when I got my first BAGA badge! I can also remember when the school all gathered in the hall to watch the Investiture of the Prince of Wales in 1969 - there was only one, very small television set but we all seemed to enjoy it! And I still have a Christmas decoration which I made in Miss Bell’s class - it comes out every year and takes pride of place on our tree. So many happy memories! Many congratulations on the 90th anniversary.

Attended Stanmore School and left in 1976, Mrs Edwards was Headmistress of the Infants and Mr Hammond for the Juniors. However Ron took over both when Mrs Edwards retired, Stanmore School was a great place with teachers to match....good times, Ron Hammond was a fine Headmaster a true gentleman....A legend.

I was at Stanmore School 1956 to 1961 have some great memories of it. Sadly not all my old teachers are around now but can remember the head Mr King. I went to his retirement party, a nice man you could say. Always a happy school.

Found memories swimming lessons at Bulldrove Swimming Pool. When you could swim a length Miss Glover gave you sixpence I achieved that - Rita Morris (formerly Harsher)

I attended Stanmore infant/ primary school from 1957 until 1962. My children and also my grandchildren have also attended the school.

I remember having to see Mr Hammond once, once was enough!!

Fond memories of my time at Stanmore school. I attended from 1957 to 1963. - Gillian

I loved my time at Stanmore primary school from 1972-1979. I remember planting a tree up by the terrapin classrooms where Miss Loyd (Mrs Lancaster) and Ms Winterburn taught during the 50th anniversary celebrations. I was thrilled to represent Stanmore school as a Maundy Child for the Royal Maundy at Winchester Cathedral in 1979. I was taught by Miss Clark, Mrs lewis, Miss Swift, Mrs Percival, Miss Loyd, Miss Brown and Mr Baxter and Headteacher Mr. Hammond. We were taught music by the wonderful Mrs Baxter. My memories include playing British Bulldog between the two outside toilet blocks in the junior playground. I loved working in Miss Swifts' tuck shop nothing healthy just crips! On sunny days we got to play in a paddling pool on the grass outside the staffroom inbetween the infant and junior corridors. I remember trips to The Victory, Littlecote Manor (terrified by the ghost story) and had a residential to Stubbington Study centre. I made good friends and loved my teachers and experience so much that I went on to become a primary school teacher.

I attended Stanmore school from September 1929, at the age of 5 and continued there until the end of my education. I attended your 80th Anniversary and I'm looking forward to this one. I will be accompanied by my Great Nephew and Great Niece who are also ex pupils of Stanmore school.

My memories consist of Mr Chipperfield ... Miss Swift and Mrs Sharp .. wearing black plimsolls for concerts... and the freezing outside toilets... and also having the staff room in the middle of the school and falling in the in the pond ..and the big pelican bins.. oh and wooden lockers in your class room.

Miss Edwards infant school Headmistress. Mr King juniors school Headmaster. Both lovely people. Many happy memories is this school.

Wonderful memories of a wonderful school in the 70s, thanks primarily to Messers Hammond and his successor, whose name, I'm ashamed to say, has escaped me.

Great memories of a fab school. My father attended too, he’s 91 this year, but housebound, but I will represent him too.

Myself and my three siblings all attended Stanmore Primary in the late 60s & early 70s and lived just across the road in Kings Avenue. They were very happy years and I remember with pride the time I spent there and will always be grateful for the educational foundation stone the teachers at the school gave me.

Wonderful memories of a wonderful school in the 70s, thanks primarily to Messers Hammond and Gunner.

Happy 90th anniversary Stanmore school you have taught four generations of my family over the years.

I'm a 91 year old man and possibly one of the oldest former pupils. The one main thing I remember of the school is the King Canute painting on the school hall ceiling! 
It was my only school I attended after moving south from Newcastle at the age 8. I remember the teacher struggling to understand what I was saying because if my accent!

As a special needs teacher for 25 years at Stanmore I found the school to be a very happy place to work in .
I remember shovelling the snow from the classroom doors with John Gunner and Ron Hammond. They were wonderful supportive head teachers.

Mr King the headmaster took time out to teach me to read, as I found reading very hard in class. I remember him to be a really kind and patient man, for which I'm very grateful.

I started attending Stanmore school in 1974/5. I have had all nine children attend Stanmore School, and now 44 years later I have grandchildren attending Stanmore school.

I taught at Stanmore for over 20 years, from the 60's to the 80's. I still meet up with several of my ex-colleagues & we do a lot of reminiscing. I have been back several times & seen a lot of the changes.

Stanmore Primary School holds a special place in my heart. It is an amazing place to work with magical children who have a desire to learn, gain knowledge and achieve their personal best in everything they do both academically and socially.

I was a pupil of Stanmore School 1969-1975: They were without doubt, some of the happiest times of my life. Key teachers inspired me and fed a hunger for learning. Perhaps two that particularly stick in my memory were Miss K Brown who was my (Y5) teacher and Mr M Miles - my first male teacher! These members of staff in particular went above and beyond to create and nurture an ethos of achievement and excellence at Stanmore.

These were the happiest days of my life, it is a terrific school.

We are two ex pupils who attended the school between 1961 and 1968. Have any ex pupils got a copy of their Winchester Study? We still recall doing ours and a performance of the Daniel Jazz.

It was a great school so many memories and so many good teaching staff that helped me a lot.

I am coming with my daughter who was also pupil 1978/81 and I was there from 1948/54.

Happy birthday Stanmore School.

Wow 90 years shows the amazing grit, determination and an unwavering commitment to invest in the generation of tomorrow. On behalf of everyone at Level10 Church, we want to salute you for your faithfulness and pray that the next 90 years be even better than the first 90!

You are all amazing and we value you highly!

Many Congrats,
Silas Brown, 
Children & Youth Worker for Level10 Church

I attended Stanmore School from 1948 to 1954. I have many many fond memories. Mr Lovell was the Headmaster when I started and he arranged for a fish pond to be put in. Mr King then became Headmaster after Mr Lovell.

A fabulous school with diverse characters and needs but one which offers opportunities and cares for all. I’m proud to have been part of Stanmore’s history; it will always have a place in my heart. Happy 90th, very best wishes for the future!

Some of my earliest memories are from Stanmore School, where good friends were made that I am still in contact with today almost 30 years later.

I have many happy memories from 1950 till 1956/7 would love to meet up with friends to reminisce.

It will be 50 years since I started at Stanmore school in September. I still remember my first day and have many happy memories. Roller skating around play ground, scratching Billy the Bull’s nose over the fence and playing British bulldog. I look forward to seeing the hall again.

A group of challenging boys having been invited to come to the hall after lunch to do some exercises enjoyed the push and step ups so much that they asked for a gym club - which we duly formed.
I thoroughly enjoyed my supply year at Stanmore with their super head Mr Gunner.
Mrs Miller

I spent many happy years at Stanmore most of them in reception class. I set up the gardening club at school and am looking forward to seeing what has happened to it..
Barbara Vause - reception teacher.

I started at Stanmore school in 1984, and now nearly 35 years later I am still attending!
Nina Kazane nee Lawson

I was a pupil at this school from about 1960 until 1965/66 - loved the time there. Mr King was the Headteacher, probably the best days of my life, would love to see it now for some great memories.

Here 1955 to 1961 good teachers, great memories.

Have some great memories of my school days here. Loved the staff, dinner ladies and Mrs Cole, the lollipop lady 😍

I am now 57, I was at Stanmore School from 1967 until 1973 when I went to Montgomery of Alamein School in Romsey Road. All of my family attended Stanmore School from the day it opened until my younger sister left in about 1983. To celebrate the fact our family paid for and planted some trees between the junior playground and the playing field, I think there is now only one left now.
My Mum was a dinner lady, and my Auntie and Gran worked in the dinner hall and all were still there when I attended the school with my sister. Mr Hammond was the head teacher then and I have fond memories of Mr Gosling the caretaker and the boiler house under the front of the school. Miss Jackson was the youngest teacher at the school when I was there and I have since worked for her. I was stunned that she remembered me and members of my family.
My Dad is now 85 and has many memories of our family and the school through the Second World War.

Congratulations to all who have attended the school and to those who continue to keep the school going.
Andy Harris.

I had a very happy time at Stanmore School, along with many of my family who also attended the school. I remember being in Mrs Allen’s class in Year R and climbing upstairs to Mrs Cavill’s class. Miss Brown’s amazing shows and rummaging about in the dressing up cupboard between the classrooms in the Junior school. I was very sad to move house to Winnall when I was in Mrs Coopers class and have to change schools. I missed all my friends until we met up again at Danemark. My mum said the education was far more advanced at Stanmore School.