Ready to Learn

Helping to ensure our pupils are supported and ready to learn.

The key purpose of the Ready to Learn (R2L) room is to provide high quality care and support for a very small group of pupils with a range of social, emotional and communication needs. If your child is accessing this room you will receive an information letter.

The number of pupils and access to resources will operate on a rota basis. The group will benefit from a fixed period of no more than 6 weeks of curriculum and social/emotional literacy support including bespoke programmes, Lego therapy and thrive as appropriate. 

Pupils in the R2L room will benefit from one or more of the following:

  • a high quality curriculum that is tailored to their needs

  • a nurturing approach to promote and reinforce pupil self-esteem through praise and encouragement

  • a programme of activities to promote welfare and care of the pupils both physically and emotionally

  • work to support curriculum targets defined by Class teachers and SENCo

  • a programme of strategies to develop their self-management and regulation strategies

  • activities to develop their communication skills and collaborative working skills

  • creative, enriching opportunities to develop emotional literacy

  • regular opportunities to develop fine motor skills

  • daily phonics

  • regular planned feedback to parents

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