Memories of Stanmore - living through the air raids

I started attending Stanmore School in 1937 aged 4. I loved every minute of my school life there.

Unfortunately in 1939 World War 2 was declared! Gradually as air raids started we were taught to listen when there was a siren sounding because our teacher would blow a whistle. At the sound of that we had to put everything on top of our desk inside the desk & picked up our gas mask by the string around the box. We then had to stand QUIETLY in line until our teacher gave us the order to MARCH (not run) up the playground until we reaches the shelters.

One day we were in class and a german plane dropped bombs on an army camp behind the school. There was no air raid warning so we were in great danger, our teacher told us to get under the desks. I was very frightened but so grateful to my teacher who looked after me so well.

Five of my six children also attended Stanmore School. (Hazel Lane formally West)