Memories of Stanmore - Helen Dade

I attended Stanmore School between 1984 and 1991 following on from my older brother and sister. Those were some of the best years of my childhood and I have some fond memories. I now live in Wales but would have happily sent my daughter to the school had I have stayed in Winchester. She went to my partner's old school which was over 100 years old and was unfortunately closed due to the council preferring newer schools. I am so pleased that Stanmore hasn't seen the same fate.

My Nan lived opposite Stanmore school in Drummond close and of course Mrs Cole saw me across the road safely each day. The teachers I remember are Mrs Lewis, Mrs Clarke, Mrs Baxter, Mrs Fox, Miss Charnley, Mr Smith, Miss Hurley and Miss Swift. I remember Mr Gunner reading us stories in assembly from his big book and I used to love playing in the maze in the infant playground. It is fabulous to see memories from the past on your history pages and I was so excited to see Mrs Clarke's old photos where I recognised alot of familiar faces!

Memories of Stanmore - Mandy Dodd (nee Holder) - 1967

I am a ex-pupil of Stanmore primary I spent many wonderful years through my younger years. My two girls came to Stanmore and so has my granddaughter. My name when I went there was Mandy Holder, my three sisters and brother also came to Stanmore, so did my late father who also was Father Christmas one year.

I started working in the school in about 1989 as a catering assistant working in the old kitchen, working ten hours a week as a catering assistant. I am now working at Stanmore as the unit manager of the kitchen for hc3s. I have only had three years out of Stanmore, I came back and was then a unit supervisor, then promoted to a unit manager. I also cook for St Faiths primary from Stanmore. The school has changed over the years.

I enjoyed my time as a pupil there, now I am enjoying my time cooking healthy meals for the children.

I love working with the staff at the school.

Memories of Stanmore - Andrew Norman

I attended the school from 1948 to 1951. I lived at 4 King’s Avenue.

My mother Jean nee Waldin and her three brothers Peter, David, and Howard Waldin had also attended the school and David Waldin subsequently taught there.

Many pupils will remember ‘The Blind Man’s Shop’ at Number 38 Stanmore Lane. He was my grandfather Thomas Waldin, from whom pupils bought sweets on their way home from school. I have written a book about him, ‘A Brummie Boy Goes to War’, telling of how he came to wounded in the First World War, and how St Dunstan’s offered him rehabilitation. When he and his family first came to Winchester from London, they lived at Riflemen’s Cottages, Stanmore Lane.

Memories of Stanmore - living through the air raids

I started attending Stanmore School in 1937 aged 4. I loved every minute of my school life there.

Unfortunately in 1939 World War 2 was declared! Gradually as air raids started we were taught to listen when there was a siren sounding because our teacher would blow a whistle. At the sound of that we had to put everything on top of our desk inside the desk & picked up our gas mask by the string around the box. We then had to stand QUIETLY in line until our teacher gave us the order to MARCH (not run) up the playground until we reaches the shelters.

One day we were in class and a german plane dropped bombs on an army camp behind the school. There was no air raid warning so we were in great danger, our teacher told us to get under the desks. I was very frightened but so grateful to my teacher who looked after me so well.

Five of my six children also attended Stanmore School. (Hazel Lane formally West)

Mr N Lovell - Headteacher from 1932 to 1949

Extracts from the school log book

31 August 1949 - Mr Lovell died at his home … early this morning.

3 September 1949 - The funeral of the late Headmaster, Mr Lovell, took place today in St Cross Church.

15 September 1049 - A short memorial service for the late Headmaster, Mr Norman Lovell, was conducted in the hall today at 9:15am, by the Rev. O. Hunt, Minister of St. Cross, assisted by the Rev. Beechey, Alderman W. W. Perkins, Chairman of the Managers, and Mr E H Littlecott, the Deputy County Education Officer attended. The whole staff and children of classes 2B upwards, were present.