Arrangements for 90th anniversary celebration

We are looking forward to meeting everyone this Friday to celebrate 90 years of the opening of the school buildings.

Here are some some final details to help you with your planning.

Time: 13:00 - 15:00

Date: 19 July 2019

Place: Stanmore Primary School, Stanmore Lane, SO22 4AJ

Arrival and registration

Please enter the school through the Key Stage 2 playground (to the right of the school as you look at it), from there you will be able to register and pick up your name badge. As part of our safeguarding policy, your badge must be visible at all times when on school premises and must be returned as you leave.


Stanmore Primary School is an old building and has limited level access. There are six steps between the entrance we will be using to the school and the hall and classrooms where we will be hosting the event. There is also a single step into each of the classrooms and the hall. Please take care when moving around the school. If you are unable to negotiate any steps please let us know by contacting the school office on 01962 852941 where alternative arrangements for access to the school can be made.


During some of the event children will be singing, dancing and reciting poetry. Whilst we realise there will be lots to catch up on meeting old friends and colleagues, we ask that everyone respects the children during their performances. We promise there will be plenty of time for chatting.


Please note that access to the school will be via the front gate only. The gate to Badger Farm will not be open for the event.

Food and drink

We will be serving tea, coffee and some old school favourite cakes and biscuits during the event. If you suffer from any allergies, please ask a member of staff before consuming our delicious offerings.

Friends of Stanmore

The Friends of Stanmore work hard to raise money to support the school and are currently prioritising the development of the outside spaces for the children. During the event the Friends will be collecting money to support these projects, so all donations, no matter how big or small will be gratefully received.


Many of you have contributed to our 'Digital 90th Anniversary Book’, during the event there will be the opportunity to record more memories you have of the school and placing them on our timeline. We’ll take these memories and add them to the ‘Our history’ section of the website post the event. A number of people have also donated or loaned photos or historical paperwork to the school to allow us to capture more of our history. If you have materials you wish to donate or loan, we will be providing envelopes for these to be collected. Please make sure you put your contact details and address on the envelope.

Parking map.jpg


As there are many people coming from the local community, we are asking as many people as possible to walk or use public transport to get to the school. We will be providing parking facilities using the back field of the school. To access the parking please drive up the school driveway and follow the signs and directions. Do not park anywhere on the school premises other than permitted parking areas. Also please allow time at either side of the event to arrive and park, and allow for enough time to exit the car park after the event. The school accepts no liability for your vehicle whilst on the school grounds.

Memories of Stanmore - living through the air raids

I started attending Stanmore School in 1937 aged 4. I loved every minute of my school life there.

Unfortunately in 1939 World War 2 was declared! Gradually as air raids started we were taught to listen when there was a siren sounding because our teacher would blow a whistle. At the sound of that we had to put everything on top of our desk inside the desk & picked up our gas mask by the string around the box. We then had to stand QUIETLY in line until our teacher gave us the order to MARCH (not run) up the playground until we reaches the shelters.

One day we were in class and a german plane dropped bombs on an army camp behind the school. There was no air raid warning so we were in great danger, our teacher told us to get under the desks. I was very frightened but so grateful to my teacher who looked after me so well.

Five of my six children also attended Stanmore School. (Hazel Lane formally West)

Mr N Lovell - Headteacher from 1932 to 1949

Extracts from the school log book

31 August 1949 - Mr Lovell died at his home … early this morning.

3 September 1949 - The funeral of the late Headmaster, Mr Lovell, took place today in St Cross Church.

15 September 1049 - A short memorial service for the late Headmaster, Mr Norman Lovell, was conducted in the hall today at 9:15am, by the Rev. O. Hunt, Minister of St. Cross, assisted by the Rev. Beechey, Alderman W. W. Perkins, Chairman of the Managers, and Mr E H Littlecott, the Deputy County Education Officer attended. The whole staff and children of classes 2B upwards, were present.

Royal connections - The Queen

The children of Stanmore have had a couple of occasions to see The Queen whilst in Winchester.

Coronation Pageant Souvenir Programme June 153

Coronation Pageant Souvenir Programme
June 153

A photo of the Coronation Pageant June 1953 stuck at the back of the programme

A photo of the Coronation Pageant June 1953 stuck at the back of the programme

The Queen visiting Winchester on 26 July 1955

The Queen visiting Winchester on 26 July 1955

Pupils from the school also went to see The Queen on 13th April 1979, after presenting Maundy Money in Winchester Cathedral in accordance with the ancient ceremony.