New Behaviour Reward System

We have introduced a new behaviour reward system this year which focuses on children’s individual behaviour both inside and outside the classroom. The system works on a 5 point scale ranging from Green to Black.

It works very simply with all the children starting the day in the ‘Orange’ section. For demonstrating good learning behaviours linked to the school rules children move up the scale into the Yellow section (Great Behaviour), if they continue to show the right learning behaviours they move onto the top section which is the ‘Green’ labelled Outstanding Behaviour. Every time a child reaches ‘Green’ they receive a Headteacher’s Merit Card from either Mr Johnson, Miss Norris or Mr Davies.

Consequently if a child demonstrates poor choices with behaviour, they are given chances to make amends before their name is moved down to the ‘Red’ section, which means 2 minutes loss of break time to explain to the class teacher why they chose to behave in this way. If the child continues to make poor choices despite being on ‘Red’ and having warnings, their name will be moved onto the ‘Black’ section where they will spend some time away from their class completing work or writing a letter of apology. Depending on the reason why the child’s name is on ‘Black’ they will either spend time in another class or with a member of the School’s Senior Leadership Team.

The system is reset at lunchtime, meaning that children have two opportunities to make it to the ‘Green’. This behaviour system is used by all members of staff across the school ensuring a consistency in approach to behaviour management, rewards and sanctions.

Since introducing this system on Monday in our first assembly, 193 merit cards have been awarded to children across the school. When collecting their merit cards from my office at the end of the day, the children have been clear as to the reasons why they reached the ‘Green’ section and are extremely proud of themselves, hopefully they have shared their successes with you too.
— Mr Johnson - 7th September 2018