Mr N Lovell - Headteacher from 1932 to 1949

Extracts from the school log book

31 August 1949 - Mr Lovell died at his home … early this morning.

3 September 1949 - The funeral of the late Headmaster, Mr Lovell, took place today in St Cross Church.

15 September 1049 - A short memorial service for the late Headmaster, Mr Norman Lovell, was conducted in the hall today at 9:15am, by the Rev. O. Hunt, Minister of St. Cross, assisted by the Rev. Beechey, Alderman W. W. Perkins, Chairman of the Managers, and Mr E H Littlecott, the Deputy County Education Officer attended. The whole staff and children of classes 2B upwards, were present.

Memories of Stanmore School 1949 - 1951 by Rod Youngman

Rod came to the school between 1949 and 1951. In this detailed account of life at the school he talks about the challenges of spelling, uniform, equipment, being ink monitor, milk monitor or even bell monitor. He talks of occasionally coming to school by bus, teachers throwing board dusters, listening to the wireless, assembly, playtime, nick-names, tricks and getting into trouble!