Memories of Stanmore - Andrew Norman

I attended the school from 1948 to 1951. I lived at 4 King’s Avenue.

My mother Jean nee Waldin and her three brothers Peter, David, and Howard Waldin had also attended the school and David Waldin subsequently taught there.

Many pupils will remember ‘The Blind Man’s Shop’ at Number 38 Stanmore Lane. He was my grandfather Thomas Waldin, from whom pupils bought sweets on their way home from school. I have written a book about him, ‘A Brummie Boy Goes to War’, telling of how he came to wounded in the First World War, and how St Dunstan’s offered him rehabilitation. When he and his family first came to Winchester from London, they lived at Riflemen’s Cottages, Stanmore Lane.

Memories of Stanmore School 1949 - 1951 by Rod Youngman

Rod came to the school between 1949 and 1951. In this detailed account of life at the school he talks about the challenges of spelling, uniform, equipment, being ink monitor, milk monitor or even bell monitor. He talks of occasionally coming to school by bus, teachers throwing board dusters, listening to the wireless, assembly, playtime, nick-names, tricks and getting into trouble!