Staff Wellbeing Questionnaire

As governor for staff wellbeing, I am interested in your views and opinions. Your responses will help us understand where the staff community are now and what we can do to improve as we continue to focus on becoming a Good school.

The survey is anonymous, but we are interested in understanding your role as this will help us to know where to focus. The results will be shared with governors and school leadership.

Dave Morris
Staff Wellbeing Governor

Questions *
Please give your answers in relation to how you feel today taking into account your recent experience.
Q1. I know what is expected of me at work?
Q2. I have the materials and equipment I need to do my work?
Q3. I feel safe in school?
Q4. There is someone at work, who seems to care about me as a person
Q5. I have good friendships at school?
Q6. Pupils have good relationships with each other at school?
Q7. Staff have good relationships with each other at school?
Q8. Staff have good relationships with pupils?
Q9. The school does enough to prevent bullying?
Q10. Pupils behave positively at school?
Q11. Staff behave positively at school?
Q12. There is someone at work who encourages my development?
Q13. I have opportunities to express myself in school?
Q14. I have opportunities to be listened to?
Q15. I generally enjoy my work?
Q16. I am doing well at my work?
Q17. I can manage my workload?
Q18. I feel happy at school?
Q19. I know what to do if I feel anxious or stressed out at school?
Q20. I feel like my achievements are acknowledged?
Q21. At work I have opportunities to learn and grow?
Q22. I feel like I am treated fairly at school?
Q23. I feel like I am treated equally at school?
Q24. I understand what the school is trying to achieve for its children?
Q25. I feel like I have a responsibility in helping the school achieve its aims?
Q26. I have a chance to use my strengths and abilities at work?
Q27. I enjoy coming to school?
Q28. People have an understanding of my role and responsibilities?
I am a... *
By letting us know the type of role you have, we'll be better able to address the issues you raise.