Parent and carer survey

As parents and carers of children in the school, your thoughts and opinions are key to allow us to understand where we are, what we do well and what we can improve.  In the past the survey has helped us to change and improve how things work for the better.

Please do take the time to give us your feedback.  It really does help.

Chris Lindsay
Chair of Governors

What year is your child / are your children in? *
About your child *
About your child
My child is happy at school
My child feels safe at school
My child is well looked after at school
My child makes good progress at school
My child is taught well at school
My child recieves appropriate homework for their age
About the school *
About the school
Stanmore School makes sure its pupils are well behaved
Stanmore School deals effectively with bullying
Stanmore School is well led and managed
Stanmore School responds well to any concerns I raise
Communication and engagement *
Communication and engagement
I receive valuable information form the school about my child's progress
Stanmore School communicates key information well, in a timely manner
Stanmore School provides opportunities for me to be actively involved in my child's learning
Facilities *
Stanmore School provides good facilities for learning
Stanmore School provides good facilities for play
Stanmore School provides good facilities for sports
Stanmore School provides good facilities for the arts (e.g. drama, music, dance)
Stanmore School has good facilities for chilcare and clubs before and after school