Hazel class travelling back in time


We have had a great start to our time together in Hazel class so far this term. We have spent time getting to know each other and also remind ourselves about how to be the best we can be in and out of class. A class charter has been agreed by everyone and we are making sure that we follow both our class and school rules.

This week we had an exciting experience. Mr Read had a message that we needed to travel back in time to 1666, as there was a mystery that needed to be solved. We all made ourselves time travelling headbands, got in our time machine which took us back in time to 1666 where we discovered a spade standing in the ground. Some of us did some digging and discovered a bottle of wine, a block of cheese and an extract from a diary by someone called Samuel Pepys. He left us with a question which was “What if London hadn't burnt down?” Once we had got back in our time machine and returned to 2019 we looked at the clues in the diary again and some of us realised that the event that was being talked about what the Great Fire of London. The next few weeks we are all looking forward to learning about this important historic event and answering Samuel Pepys question.