Don’t worry, be happy!

We all get worried from time to time. Sometimes they are little worries, and sometimes they feel a lot bigger. Whether it is to do with friendships, growing up, someone close to us not being well, or that we just don’t know what to do about a situation. A worry can become, well, worrisome.


That is why we have the Worry Box. Located in a prominent position within the school, children are encouraged to share their worry with the little worry monster by filling in one of the simple forms. Our trained staff check the worry box each day. Once they’ve picked up the worry, they formulate a plan. They’ll arrange some time to speak to the child with the worry and then talk it through with them.

The idea is that our children get the help and support they need. So sometimes things can be solved by working out a new strategy to tackle the issue. Other times people need help to resolve things, or they just need to know that someone is able to listen to them and understand.

Having a worry is perfectly normal, but we want to help our children through it. Whatever the worry, we are here to help.