Year 1 - Happy Easter!

This half term has simply flown by and here we are – at the end of our second term together in Year 1. The children have stayed focused on their learning this week, as well as enjoying events such as the spring concert and a very entertaining Easter assembly, run by Mrs Laver. 

We have finished our ‘chick’ art project – the children were so proud of their work. They worked very hard in each of the sessions to independently create their chick and making it the best that they could. The finishing touches were added on Thursday, along with a ‘birth certificate’ for each one.

In maths, we have been working on using non-standard units to measure length and height. We had great fun drawing around a partner and seeing how many straws, felt tips and Dienes high they were! We also worked on thinking about how long some tasks might take (a clap, writing a sentence, watching a film), and sorting them into hours, minutes and seconds. We also compared time (hours, minutes and seconds), and asked questions like, ‘Is ten seconds longer or shorter than one minute?’. To end the week, we have been exploring turns (quarter, half and three-quarters), and used our knowledge to give ‘robot’ instructions to a partner. We also looked at turning ‘tiles’ into patters and describing the turns that we made. Many of the children found this quite tricky, so if you are able to have a go at home, that would be great!

year1 060319-3.png

We have finished our ‘Oi Frog’ poetry and enjoyed sharing it with the children in Year R. Our poems have made a super display outside Juniper Class, which many children have stopped to look at and read the poetry. Fantastic work, Year 1!

year1 060319-4.png


 In RE, we have been continuing our learning of Remembering- sad then happy, by learning about the Easter Story. After listening to the story, the children created a timeline of the events of Easter week, identifying when those involved would have been sad and then happy. We thought about the messages that the story gives us today, and the importance of Easter to Christians. 

The children loved performing at the Recorder concert on Tuesday; very many thanks for being a wonderful audience! Next term, we will be learning to play … that’s a surprise for after the holidays!

We continue with our phonics and guided reading daily. Many of the children have moved book bands this week – congratulations to you all! We hope that you keep reading and enjoying books over the holiday.

Next half term, our topic will be ‘When I grow up’. As part of the topic, we will need each child to have a named, empty, clean and dry 2l soft drinks bottle with the original label removed (lid needed too!). Please bring these in after the holidays.

We will also be thinking about the different jobs that people do. A letter will shortly be coming out to request parent/carers/family members to come into the classroom and talk to the children about their job. This only has to be for approx. 20 minutes or so, and if possible, we would like to hear information such as what you do, if you need any special equipment/skills/training/clothes and the best thing about your job. Very many thanks in advance if you are able to help!

We would like to wish everyone a lovely, relaxing Easter break!