Year 5 - plastics, rivers, snakes and spiders

We’ve had a brilliant week in Year 5! We have been putting our keys to success into practise to help us succeed in all areas of our learning.

In English this week, we have been gathering facts about single use plastic. We have been doing this because we will be writing a balanced argument. At the moment, based on the facts, Beech class are against single use plastic.

In maths this week, we have been practising our addition and subtraction; we have been consolidating our knowledge and skills by answering multi-step problems in different contexts.

On Wednesday afternoon, we were very fortunate to be invited to Winchester College for the first part of our river project. While we were there, we learnt lots about Chalk Rivers and even got some cake! They brought out lots of interesting animals such as snakes, cockroaches and millipedes. But the highlight of the afternoon was Miss Kingshott’s face when the tarantula appeared!

All of year 5 came in jubilantly on Thursday (World Book day) because we were all yellow crayons! As you all know, yellow is the colour of the sun not orange. This is what years 5 and 6 were debating. In groups of six, we came up with some compelling arguments as to why yellow should be the colour of the sun. We debated in two parts, A and B, C and D. The group containing A and B, had their debate in the quad and run by the lovely Miss Kingshott, whereas C and D were inside in elm class. Both groups were very close.