Year 5 - River studies and volcanos?

We have had another very exciting week in Year 5. Despite the weather, we have completed outdoor learning in English and enjoyed a field study trip to the River Itchen.

In maths, we have been set a challenge with very complex math problems about volcano studies forming an extremely important sector of geological studies. Calculating everything carefully (using our understanding of multiplication, division, addition, subtraction and fractions), we have successfully completed most of our task; we look forward to continuing it next week.

In English, we have continued our learning journey based around single use plastic and how it is bad it is for the environment. For this journey, we have learnt how to use colons and semi colons and will be using these in our balanced arguments, which we will be writing next week.

Following on from our exciting trip last week to Winchester College, this week we studied the river Itchen (Winchester’s own chalk river!). We learnt all about hydrology, ecology and classified invertebrates. Again we had lots of fun, learnt new skills, developed our knowledge and most importantly we had more cake!