Year 1 - Fruit-tastic fun!

The penultimate week of the half term has been bursting at the seams with learning for our two wonderful Year 1 classes!

In maths, we revisited our ‘time’ learning, which started with us sequencing events which happen earlier/later, before/after within a day.


  • I go to bed after I have brushed my teeth.

  • Before I have my tea, I play with my sister.

  • Breakfast time is earlier than lunchtime.

We have worked hard to learn how to tell the time to half past the hour, which can be tricky, but both classes were incredible and showed their ability to read and make half past times brilliantly. 

We also learnt how to describe, compare, estimate and measure capacity. 

The children enjoyed gathering information for their fruity fact file, which they wrote during the week. We participated in ‘Safer Internet Day’, learning what being ‘online’ means and what we can do online. The children discussed the importance of not sharing personal information with others online, thinking about how they can help themselves to stay safe and when to ask for help. 

For information about staying safe online, please click the link

Happily, our beans have been growing beautifully in their plastic bags in the classrooms. We were able to use our own beans plants to label each part of the plant. Next, the children wrote or explained the function of the different parts. 

As part of our geography/art learning, the children worked in groups to produce a collaborate art work of the continents. This was quite tricky, involving a variety of different skills, but the work produced was excellent – the groups are very proud of their work!

In RE, we concluded our work on Passover by thinking about specific foods or drinks that are important to us, and what they might symbolise. 

We continue with guided reading and phonics daily. 

Very many thanks to everyone who has handed in their home learning – what a wide variety of fruits and vegetables you have tried! If you have not yet brought yours in – no problem. We look forward to seeing your creative works! 


Go Bananas outcome: Thursday 14th February at 2.30pm in classrooms

Longdown Dairy Farm trip payments due: Friday 15thFebruary