Year 1 - 2D shapes, beans and fruit

Happy half term!

We have reached the halfway point in the year – a term and a half completed and a term and half to go! The children have worked extremely hard in their learning this week and have produced some excellent pieces of work. We are very proud of their achievements!

In maths, we have been exploring 2D shapes. After naming a range of 2D shapes, we learnt about their properties, using the language of ‘edges’ and ‘vertices’ to describe them. The children made Mr Men ‘ID badges’ for the different shaped characters, and played games of shape ‘odd one out’. We also used hoops to sort shapes according to different criteria. Some children drew their own Venn diagrams to help them to explain their thinking. 

year 1 2d shapes.png

In English, the children planned and wrote their instructions for making a fruit kebab. They published their work into bordered paper and used them to ‘teach’ their parents/carers when they visited the classroom on Thursday for our ‘Go Bananas! outcome.  They also write a mini questionnaire which they used at the end of the afternoon to evaluate their work. We were amazed by the quality of the writing, sentence structure and presentation – well done Year 1! Many thanks to everyone who supported our outcome on Thursday, we had a wonderful time!

Our beans have grown beautifully and we have been able to have a close look at the different parts of the plant in our science lessons. We have been investigating the life cycle of a bean plan, drawing and labelling our own version today. Some of the children were able to write an explanation of how the bean was growing at each stage. 

In PSHE, we have been thinking about making choices and their consequences. We thought about good and not so good choices, and how they might make us feel. 


Reading books

Over half term, the coloured band boxes will be topped up with some new readers which were purchased by FOS. Thank you to FOS – I know that the children will love having some exciting new books to read!


We will be returning to our Wednesday and Friday PE slots next half term. Please ensure that your child has a PE kit (clearly labelled) that fits in school on these days. 


We continue with recorder lessons on Tuesdays.


Have a wonderful half term! Thank you for your continued support.