Year 1 - fractions and Billy's Bucket

What a wet day today! Luckily, the weather improved enough for us to enjoy our break and lunchtime outside, so we could burn off our energy!

The children have worked incredibly hard this week; we are proud of each and every one of them. 

In maths, we revisited fractions, where we recapped on halves, using the language of numerator and denominator. We explored halves of shapes, objects and amounts, using our knowledge to solve problems to do with halving. Later in the week, we moved on to quarters, noting the change in the denominator from ‘2’ to ‘4’. The children learnt how to find quarter of a shape, object and amount. If you are able to consolidate this at home by sharing amounts equally into halves and quarters, that would be brilliant! Some of the children found the following examples quite tricky – can they solve it at home? 


In English, we have started our new book, ’Billy’s Bucket’, and are using it to learn how to write a diary entry. We have been looking at the features of a diary entry and recapping on using the regular past tense ‘ed’ endings. Next week, we will be learning about contracted words (example: do not – don’t) and using them in our writing. 

In RE, we have been starting to think about the Christmas Story, and its importance to Christians. We will be looking at journeys, and the journeys that different people made in the Christmas Story. 

We are practicing hard for our Listen to Me concert on Tuesday 11thDecember (2.20 – 2.40pm in the school hall) – we hope that you enjoy our singing!

As always, we continue to work on our phonics and reading daily. Many children are showing lovely progress in their reading and are moving up through the book bands. Our congratulations to those who have moved up.

The class parties will be on Thursday 20thDecember in the afternoon. Further details will be sent out in a letter closer to the date, regarding food and clothes. 

Have a wonderful weekend – we look forward to seeing you bright and early on Monday morning!