Year 1 - a visit from the Queen?

We have had another fun and productive week in Year 1, which has included deep sea diving and a visit from Queen Gloriana!

In maths, we revisited multiplication and division, learning to multiply (‘lots of’ or ‘groups of’) and divide (share equally’) by 2 and 10. We used lots of resources to help us to group and share which has helped to develop our understanding. We have also learned about number doubles, and will be looking at halving next week, along with more specific fractions work on half and quarter of numbers and shapes.

Our English work this week has included identifying and understating question words (who, where, when, why, how, what, which) and writing questions punctuated with a question mark. We used these skills to write questions to Queen Gloriana, who stole Emily Brown’s rabbit, about her motives. We asked the Queen our questions and then wrote a letter to her to ask for Stanley Rabbit back. Next week, we will find out if we have been successful…

In history, we have been looking at traditional games and making some to share with parents/carers on 14 December at our outcome. We hope that you will enjoy playing then as much as the children enjoyed making them!

We have now finished our artwork which was facilitated by students at the University of Winchester. Our ‘Under the sea’ themed work is of a very high standard; the children have loved exploring the different resources used to create their masterpieces. We hope that you enjoy sharing your child’s artwork when they bring it home later in the term.

As always, we continue to practice our phonics and reading daily.

Thank you to everyone who attended the parents’ evenings last week; it was lovely to share your child’s successes with you! We are extremely proud of the hard work and effort that they have made so far this term and are delighted with the positive attitudes towards their learning that they demonstrate.

We hope that you enjoyed the Christmas Fayre on Friday – how quickly December has arrived! We have some exciting learning planned for the rest of the term, as well as looking forward to the many special festive events in school.