Year 1 - gaining traction this half term

We have had a very busy start to the second half of the autumn term! We have started our new topic, ‘Toy Story’, and have very much enjoyed reading ‘Traction Man’, which our current writing unit is based on. Traction Man has many different adventures and we have explored the exciting nouns, verbs and adjectives used to describe them. The children have also been learning about using the suffixes ‘ing’ and ‘ed’, and thinking of different synonyms (huge, large, enormous, gigantic instead of ‘big’). Next week we will be planning, writing and editing a new adventure for Traction Man, based in our classrooms! We can’t wait to read the amazingly creative ideas your children come up with!

In maths, we have been working on number and place value, partitioning 2-digit numbers into tens and ones, and using this knowledge to compare and order 2-digit numbers. We have also been learning to read and write numbers to 20 and apply these skills to a variety of different problems.  Next week we will be learning about money, revisiting addition and subtraction, and practising fluency and problem solving with these skills. 

On Tuesday 6th November, we had a wonderful day out at Milestones Museum in Basingstoke where we learnt more about toys and games. We started to develop our skills of historical enquiry and chronology by comparing and contrasting old and modern toys, sorting toys from ‘then’ and ‘now’, and making a timeline of toys. We handled the artefacts carefully, noting the different colours and materials. The children behaved beautifully; this was commented on by other visitors to the museum. Many thanks to the parents/carers who accompanied us on the trip too!

In music, we are continuing with our ‘voice’ unit of work and are busy preparing for our concert on Tuesday 11th December.

We have started our ‘Book Club’ sessions in guided reading, which the children have settled into nicely. During these sessions, they will be working on their reading, phonic skills, comprehension, find/retrieve and prediction/inference skills. Book Club happens daily, apart from Wednesdays.

We are participating in the national Anti-Bullying week from 12 – 16 November and will be enjoying a range of activities around the theme of ‘choose respect’. You are warmly invited to see the results of our hand work on Friday 16th November at one of two assemblies (please see the newsletter for the time for Juniper and Maple classes).

Very many thanks for supporting your child’s learning at home. It is very pleasing to see so many of the spelling, homework and home learning activities completed. If you have any questions about homework, please do let us know.

A reminder that parents’ evenings are coming up and we can make appointments for you on our iPads, so please catch us after school to make an appointment.

As always, if you have questions, comments or concerns about your child’s learning, please do let us know as soon as possible - we will be able to make an appointment to meet with you after school.