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Sports day

As our sports day event draws closer, we would like to provide you with a more details of how the day will run. 

In preparation:

On Sports Day, please ensure that your child comes dressed ready in their sports PE clothes, this must include their house team coloured T-Shirt: Lark (red), Kingfisher (blue), Heron (green) and Buzzard (yellow). 

If the weather is cold, you may wish to send an additional sweatshirt. Alternatively, if it looks as if it could be hot, please ensure that your child brings a hat to wear throughout the day. You may wish to apply suntan lotion at home and reapply this at lunchtime. If you are unable to attend on the day, please send in a bottle of named lotion to be kept in your child’s classroom. In the event of hot weather, we will be providing gazebos for the children to shelter in, but we will be unable to provide this kind of shelter for adults too.

During the event, we will ensure that all children have had the opportunity to have their snack and a drink so there is no need to prepare and bring extra for them to consume during our sporting activities. 

All children will need to bring a named water bottle to carry with them throughout the day. 

On Sports Day, all adults must enter the school grounds via the KS2 playground gate. The Badger farm entrance will be locked from 9.00am until the end of the school day. This is to ensure that the site is completely safe for both children and adults to move around.

Organisation of the day

Morning arrangements

At 9:30am there will be a whole school warm up on the KS2 field, led by Year 6. KS1 competitive racing sports will start at approximately 9:45am on the KS2 field and will finish by 12:00pm followed by a shared lunch. This includes an indoor break time to allow the children to get a snack, refill their drink bottles and go to the toilet. 

KS2 parents are invited to our shared lunch at approximately 12pm before watching the KS2 children in their races. This will start straight after lunch. 

Marked areas for spectators

The KS2 field has been marked out with an area for parents and carers to watch – this will be along the path, which is parallel to the racing track. There will be signposts from the main gate directing you to the correct area. We respectfully ask you to ensure that you remain in this area so that the activities can commence safely. Please refrain from crossing the tracks to talk to your child, as this can be disruptive for all the children waiting to take part in their race. 

Any child who needs to go to the toilet will be escorted there and back by a staff member, enabling you to remain in the parent’s area opposite to the activity area. If any adult need to use the toilet, you must use the outdoor disabled toilet situated on the KS2 playground. This will be clearly marked too. 

If you wish to bring your own camping chairs, blankets or other seating, please feel free to do so but again, they must remain in the spectator area. 

Lunchtime arrangements

Family picnic for both KS1 and KS2 families. Children and parents in Buzzard (Yellow) and Heron (Green), you will be on KS1 field for your shared lunch; parents and children in Lark (Red) and Kingfisher (Blue), you will be on the KS2 field for your shared lunch. Our family picnic will last for approximately 30 minutes to ensure we have adequate time for our afternoon activities. 

All parent and carers (Infant and Junior) please collect your child from their classroom at 12 noon. If your child is having the picnic choice ordered through school, this will be given to them by the class teacher. Order forms for the picnic lunch are attached. 

If you are unable to attend the family picnic, please do not worry as they can:

Enjoy their lunch with class teacher and LSA.

Have lunch with another adult / family. The school will require written permission for this, please return by Friday 7th June. This will enable class teachers to prepare class lists for themselves and lunchtime staff to ensure we know where all the children are and who is responsible for them.

The friends of Stanmore School will be selling Ice cream and cold refreshments during the shared lunchtime. 

The end of lunchtime will be signalled by whistles. The children will then need to line up in their Year group lines and will be led back to their classroom by a member of staff. 

Infant siblings are unable to stay out for the afternoon to watch the junior sport and must return to KS1 for the afternoon. 

Afternoon arrangements

KS2 sports events will start at approximately 12:45 p.m. and run until the end of the day 3.15 pm. approximately. 

The opening event of the afternoon will be a Year 2/3 relay to support transition from KS1 to KS2 and will develop co-operative learning – one of our Keys to success. 

The Grand finale event will be for Year 5 and 6 where we will find the Ultimate Golden Mile runner. The children, who would like to take part, will run a mile of the KS2 field. The overall winners will receive their very own trophy. During the relay events and the ultimate golden mile event, we ask parents to remain on the path, which is parallel to the field. 

Weather dependant, KS1 children will join KS2 from 2.15 pm. onwards to watch the final race. They must stay with their classes at this point and remain in the area marked out for the children. 

The results and the winning House team will be announced at the end of the day; Mrs Taylor will present the winning house team captains with the Sports Day Trophy for 2019. 

At the end of the day, all children will be taken back to their classroom with their class teacher and LSA to retrieve belongings. Parents will need to go to KS1 and KS2 to collect their children from their class teachers. Children will not be allowed to leave school without parent collection from the classroom. If your child is to be collected by another adult, this will need to be in writing and given to the class teacher before the event.

Additional information

At Stanmore, we are encouraging the children to work co-operatively and respect our school grounds; throughout the day, we will be looking out for the House team with the most supportive and co-operative parents. We will be keeping an eye out for parents who hep set up for races, clean up after lunch time and show team work and sportsman ship skills too. 
The more help the smoother the day will run and you never know, you could contribute to your child’s house winning the Sports Day Trophy! 

Gazebo plea

If you have a gazebo you would not mind lending to the school for sports day (these will be used to shelter the children), please inform Mrs Eagle in the office or Miss Kingshott. 


In the event of having to cancel Sports Day due to the weather, a text will be sent out to parents at 8am.


Please ensure there is no photography during the day, the staff will be taking photos of the events throughout the day and these will be shared on the website and twitter. 


Please use the outside disabled toilet located on KS2 playground. 

First Aid

A first aid tent will be set up all day; if your child needs any medical assistance then a staff member will assist them. If a younger sibling hurts themselves, there will be a medical kit available at this station. 

After School Club

This will run as usual for those of you who still require it. 

We look forward to seeing you on Sports Day and hope that you enjoy the excitement with us. 

Yours sincerely

Miss Stevie Kingshott


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