Year 5 - Aspen and Beech

Our Year 5 team

Our curriculum

Below is an overview of the topics your child will be covering this year, including the outcomes, trips / visitors and home learning commitments involved with each topic. We would appreciate it if this information was not shared with your child, as we start each topic with a hook and it would spoil the element of surprise.

Thank you for your support.

Autumn 1

Topic: To infinity and beyond

Hook: Space training day - children to come in white boiler suit

Outcome: Astronaut training with Parents  

Trip: Winchester Science Centre for Space week £12

Science: Space and beyond

ICT: Online safety

PSHE: New beginnings

Design Technology: Solar system mobile

RE: Islam

Art: Painting - Space pictures

Music: Tuned percussion instruments

PE: Tennis, cross-country and gym


Autumn 2

Topic: We will remember

Hook: Curator from Royal Green Jackets Museum

Outcome: Key Stage 2 Presentation  

Trip: War Memorial - £0

ICT: Creating videos and programming

PSHE: Friendships

Design Technology: Poppy badges

RE: Islam

History: World War One

Art: War scenes

Music: Singing

PE: Hockey, netball and circuits

Spring 1

Topic: Who was Brunel?

Hook: Bridge building day

Outcome: The great Debate with parents Exhibition of bridges  

Trip: Steam Museum Swindon - £20

Science: Properties of materials

ICT: Typing skills

PSHE: Getting on and falling out

Design Technology: Costume design

RE: Christianity

Art: Comic style hero

Music: Identifying different musical instruments

PE: Football and dance


Spring 2

Topic: Raging rivers

Hook: College rivers trip

Outcome: Key Stage 2 Visitor Centre

Trip: Winchester college and water meadows - £0  

Science: Pond dipping and life cycles

ICT: Online safety

PSHE: Environmental hazards

Design Technology: Raft building

RE: Christianity

Geography: Rivers, maps and atlases

Music: Making rain sticks

PE: Tag-rugby and gymnastics

Summer 1

Topic: Secret Mission: Alex Rider

Hook: Alex Rider film (This is a PG film; we will need parental permission to watch this.)

Outcome: Key Stage 2 Outcome  

Trip: Local walk - £0

Science: Forces

ICT: PowerPoint

PSHE: British Values

RE: Islam

Art: Emblems

Geography: Countries and cities

Music: Listening and recalling sounds

PE: Rounders and orienteering


Summer 2

Topic: Ancient Egyptians

Hook:  Egyptian Day

Outcome: Living museum

Science: Animals including humans

ICT: Research for English

PSHE: Sex and relationships

Design Technology: Biscuits

RE: Islam

Art: Mod-roc masks

History: Ancient civilisations

Geography: Geographical similarities and differences

Music: Composition

PE: Athletics and cricket skills