Year 4 - Cedar and Sycamore

Our Year 4 team

Our curriculum

Autumn 2

Topic: The lion the witch and the wardrobe

Science: Heating and cooling

ICT: Measure and basic computing

PSHE: Getting on and falling out

Design Technology: Cooking

RE: Belief - Buddhist and Christian teachings

Art: Landscape - Turner

Geography: Weather

Music: Classical music study

PE: Hockey and swimming

Autumn 1

Topic: Play the game

Science: The digestive system

ICT: Time and basic computing

PSHE: Our learning values

Design Technology: Design a board game

RE: Belonging - Buddhism

Music: Singing

PE: Tennis and swimming

Spring 2

Topic: The Vikings

Science: How plants reproduce

ICT: Topic research

PSHE: Evacuees and refugees

Design Technology: Flat bread

RE: The Cross as a Christian symbol

Art: Modern landscape - Hockney

History: The Vikings

Geography: Map location and human impact

Music: Viking song

PE: Tag-rugby and circuits

Spring 1

Topic: Why was King Alfred great?

Science: Mixtures and separating them

ICT: Publishing

PSHE: Getting on and falling out

Design Technology: Sewing

RE: Water as a symbol

Art: Advert art

History: Anglo Saxons & Scots

Geography: Map location and human impact

Music: Historical music

PE: Football and Tri-golf

Summer 2

Topic: Down the rabbit hole

Science: Electricity

ICT: Programming circuits

PSHE: Healthy eating and hygiene

Design Technology: Electronic circuits

RE: Festivals

Art: Tea cup painting

Music: Composition

PE: Athletics and cricket skills

Summer 1

Topic: Rainforest rescue

Science: Feeding relationships and the environment

ICT: Word art and pictures

PSHE: Empathy and Sex & Relationship Education

Design Technology: Design and make a game

RE: Places of worship

Art: Pop art - Andy Warhol

Geography: Map location, human impact and weather

Music: Sounds of the rainforest

PE: Rounders and dance