Year 3 - Birch and Willow

Our Year 3 team

Our curriculum

Below is an overview of the topics your child will be covering this year, including the outcomes, trips / visitors and home learning commitments involved with each topic. We would appreciate it if this information was not shared with your child, as we start each topic with a hook and it would spoil the element of surprise.

Thank you for your support.

Autumn 1

Topic: How can we stay fit and healthy?

Outcome: Fitness achievements awards (note this will be at the end of year 3)

Home Learning:

  • Make a 2D or 3D healthy meal.

  • Find and cook a recipe for a dish that is good for your digestion

  • Map where your food comes from.

Visitor: Nutritionist and personal trainer.  Free

Science: Animals including humans

ICT: Presentation of instructions in Word

PSHE: Keeping yourself healthy

Design Technology: Building skeletons

RE: Rituals

Art: Guiseppe Archimboldo

Geography: Human and physical features

PE: Athletics, speed, stamina & strength


Autumn 2

Topic: Where did the iron man come from?

Outcome: To year 5 children explaining the world the Ironman came from

Home Learning:

  • Make your own Iron man (not to big).

  • Design a meal for the Iron man

  • Create a 2D setting of the Iron man’s home planet.

Visitor: Recycling ambassador. Free

Science: Rocks and soils (part 1)

ICT: Internet research

PSHE: British Values - Justice

Design Technology: Shields, coins and clay pots

History: Celts and the Roman invasion

Geography: Maps - Roman style

Music: Singing

PE: Rounders and Roman Gladiator dance

Spring 1

Topic: What tales will we tell in the shadows?

Outcome: Shadow puppet performance to parents

Home Learning:

  • Research the history of puppets within theatre.

  • Create your own puppet of your favourite story book character.

  • Create your own silhouette of object for us to identify.

Visitor: Shadow puppet artist visit. Free

Science: Forces and magnets

ICT: Online safety and design project evaluation

PSHE: Recycling

Design Technology: Making robots

RE: Images - angels (1)

Art: Impressionists and futuristic art

Music: Creating a sound track

PE: Football skills


Spring 2

Topic: What did the Romans do for us?

Outcome: Living museum presented to parents

Home Learning:

  • Draw and decorate your own shield

  • Find and cook a Roman dish.

  • Map the Roman Empire

Trip: Porchester Roman Fort, £9.00

Science: Light and dark

ICT: Programming

PSHE: Anti-bullying

Design Technology: Shadow puppets and theatre

RE: Images - angels (2)

Music: Non-tuned instruments

PE: Hockey and gymnastics

Summer 1

Topic: What does the writing on the wall tell us?

Outcome: Cave person for the day.

Home Learning:

  • Create your own cave painting depicting a hunter gather scene

  • Research and map where cave paintings are located

  • Create a story through mime of an event in a cave person’s daily life.

Trip: Butser ancient farm £18.00

Science: Rocks and soils (part 2)

ICT: Online safety and research

PSHE: Protecting the environment

Design Technology: Lift the flap book

RE: Creation

Art: Cave painting, Anthony Goldsworthy

History: The Stone Age

Geography: Local geography, chalk and flints 

Music: Percussion

PE: Tennis and multi-skills


Summer 2

Topic: Can we live side by side with nature?

Outcome: Planning application presentation to parents and local councillor

Home Learning:

  • Map out your garden, look for animals hiding place.

  • Create a bug hotel in your garden.

  • Visit one of the nature reserves around our local area and make a leaflet persuading others to go there.

Trip: Whiteshute Ridge Free

Science: Plants

ICT: Researching regions in France

PSHE: Fairness and equality

Design Technology: Gardening and cooking

RE: Identity - Purim

Art: Matisse and Monet

Geography: Europe

PE: Tag rugby