Year 2 - Hazel and Rowan

Our Year 2 team

Our curriculum

Below is an overview of the topics your child will be covering this year, including the outcomes, trips / visitors and home learning commitments involved with each topic. We would appreciate it if this information was not shared with your child, as we start each topic with a hook and it would spoil the element of surprise.

Thank you for your support.

Autumn 1

Topic: Dragons Party

Outcome: Dragon art gallery for a year group in school

Home Learning: Make a dragon mask

Science: Healthy eating and lifestyles

ICT: Computer images search and creation

PSHE: Healthy lifestyles

RE: Harvest and feelings

Art: Drawing and sculpture

Music: Music appreciation

PE: Multi skills and Dragon Dance

Autumn 2

Topic: Fire, fire!

Outcome: Open afternoon, parents/carers look at children’s work

Home Learning: Fire safety poster

Trip: Theatre Royal Pantomime (preparation for next topic)


Science: Living things and their habitats

ICT: Online research 

PSHE: Healthy lifestyles

Design Technology: Materials and joining techniques

RE: Christmas and Creation stories

History: Ordering events and different sources

Art: Using different materials

Music: Singing

PE: Racket and ball skills

Spring 1

Topic: Oh no he isn’t!

Outcome: Pantomime- children to perform to parents/carers

Home Learning: Shoe box pantomime and costume

Science: Offspring that grow into adults

ICT: Recording and editing

PSHE: Valuing difference

RE: Authority and Welcoming Palm story

Art: Exporing artists, techniques, colour and shape

Music: Recorder and singing

PE: Gym and hockey skills


Spring 2

Topic: Walk the plank!

Outcome: Work presented to year 6

Home Learning: Treasure map

Science: Suitability of different materials

ICT: Using search engines and PowerPoint

PSHE: Valuing difference

Design Technology: Design and build, telescopes

RE: Remembering - Holi

Geography: Continents, weather and compass points

Music: Recorder and singing

PE: Football and large apparatus

Summer 1

Topic: In the garden

Outcome: Outdoor garden on display to all!

Home Learning: Seed diary, grow a sunflower at home

Trip: Hilliers Arboretum £14.00 approx.

Science: Plants

ICT: Coding and algorithms

PSHE: Health and wellbeing

Design Technology: Building different structures

RE: Specialness

Art: Printing

Music: Ukelele

PE: Sports day and athletics


Summer 2

Topic: Wonderful Winchester

Outcome: Information leaflet presented to the Headteacher

Home Learning: Poster/presentation about an aspect of Winchester

Trip: Whiteshute Ridge - Free

Science: Forces

ICT: Designing leaflets and brochures

PSHE: Health and wellbeing

RE: Hindu's and special place

Art: Printing and texture

History: Changes within living memory

Geography: Capital cities of the UK and Winchester

Music: Ukelele

PE: Throwing and jumping