Year 1 - Juniper and Maple

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Below is an overview of the topics your child will be covering this year, including the outcomes, trips / visitors and home learning commitments involved with each topic. We would appreciate it if this information was not shared with your child, as we start each topic with a hook and it would spoil the element of surprise.

Thank you for your support.

Autumn 1

Topic: Wheelie Good

Hook: Visit cars in car park – can we invent a new car?

Outcome: Make and test model cars with accompanying story.

Home Learning: Make a car fact file

Visit: School car park 17 Sept 2018

Literacy quality text: Mr Gumpy’s Motor Car, 100 Decker Bus

English Genres: Sentence level/ narrative, Poetry, Repeating patterns, Instructions (making a car)

ICT: Digital Literacy (ICT), Uploading images

Science: Everyday materials

PSHE: New beginnings

Design Technology: Vehicles

RE: Thinking, Harvest and Sukkot (Harvest)

Art: Mondrian study (primary colours, shapes)

PE: Gymnastics, Basic movements/balancing

Music: Voice

Learning Values: Thinking & Creativity

Autumn 2

Topic: Toy Story

Hook: Arrival of a history box (mystery) of old toys

Outcome: Make a game and play it with parents

Home Learning: Make a simple game at home that could be played with a dice.

Visit: Milestones trip 6.11.18 (approx.£17.00 per child)

Literacy quality text: Traction Man, That Rabbit belongs to Emily Brown, Billy’s Bucket

English Genres: Narrative Instructions (how to play a game), Recount

ICT: Digital literacy (ICT), Internet research

Science: Everyday materials

PSHE: Getting on and say no to bullying

Design Technology: Making a game?

RE: Journey’s End Nativity journeys (RE Moodle)

Art: Handprint Christmas Wreath & decoration, Printing

PE: Sports hall activities/skipping (indoor)

History: Changes within living memory – toys and games

Music: Voice

Learning Values: Thinking & Creativity


Spring 1

Topic: Go bananas!

Hook: Mrs Horkan – children aren’t eating their fruit

Outcome: Fruit kebabs with parents

Home Learning: Research healthy fruits and vegetables.

Visitors: Warburtons healthy eating team visit - 30 and 31 Jan (pm) (in school – no charge)

Literacy quality text: Oliver’s vegetables Oliver’s milkshake, The Disgusting Sandwich

English Genres: Sentence level, Non-fiction, Leaflet for healthy eating, Instructions, Questionnaire

ICT: Digital literacy (ICT), Spreadsheets, digital cameras. (New learning)

Science: Plants – grow cress, Seasonal changes

PSHE: Going for goals

Design Technology: Meals with fruit, Using cutting tools

RE: Remembering (Passover)

Art: Observational drawing (fruit and veg), Fruit and veg collages, Artist study - Guiseppe Archimboldo

PE: Circuit training (indoor)

Geography: Continents of the world- check with Y2

Music: Recorders

Learning Values: Thinking & Independence

Spring 2

Topic: Down on the farm

Hook: Longdown Activity Farm

Outcome: Stories for Year R. Poems with puppets.

Home Learning: Plan, cook and evaluate a meal at home.

Trip: Longdown dairy farm 5.3.19 (approx. £15.00 per child)

Literacy quality text: Farmer Duck. The Zoomers

English Genres: Narrative Questions, Poetry – what am I? Recount

ICT: Digital literacy, Consolidation, Internet research

Science: Animals including Humans – life cycles, Seasonal changes

PSHE: Good to be me

Design Technology: Sewing - puppets

RE: Welcoming, Palm Sunday, (Easter for Infants)

Art: Papier mache animals? Link artist?

PE: Dance (indoor)

Geography: Key physical features. Countries and capital cities of the UK

Music: Recorders

Learning Values: Thinking & Emotional Intelligence


Summer 1

Topic: When I grow up

Hook: Find a time capsule from Mrs Jones

Outcome: Time capsule (make)

Home Learning: Make a story sack about thea family friend or relatives’ job.

Visit: from adults discussing their job.

Literacy quality text: Non – fiction texts, The Growing Story, When I grow up

English Genres: Non fiction, Narrative, Diary entry – Florence Nightingale

ICT: Digital literacy, Consolidation, Internet research

Science: Animals including Humans

PSHE: Relationships

RE: Authority, Key events in Jesus’ life, RE Moodle

Art: Andy Warhol, Artist study, Portraiture

PE: Team games (indoor)

History: Events beyond living memory. The lives of significant individuals. (Florence Nightingale)

Geography: Location and place knowledge.

Music: Ukulele

Learning Values: Thinking & Interdependence


Summer 2

Topic: Jolly Postman

Hook: Letter from The Jolly Postman.

Outcome: Letter posted home

Home Learning: Create a map of your route to school

Trip: Walking trip to post letters

Literacy quality text: The Jolly Postman, *Another TBA

English Genres: Narrative (Jolly ….), Letter, Instructions (potions)

ICT: Digital literacy, Consolidation, Internet research, Control programmes (new learning)

Science: Seasonal changes, (new and consolidation)

PSHE: Changes

RE: Special, Special Places, RE Moodle

Art: Colour mixing

PE: Sports Day practice, Team games inside/outside

Geography: Geographical skills and field work. Maps, keys, ariel photos. 3d map of Jolly Postman village

Music: Ukulele

Learning Values: Thinking & Interdependence