Reception - Bumblebees and Ladybirds

Our early years team

Topic Overview 2018-2019

Below is an overview of the topics your child will be covering this year, including the outcomes, trips / visitors and home learning commitments involved with each topic. We would appreciate it if this information was not shared with your child, as we start each topic with a hook and it would spoil the element of surprise.

Thank you for your support.

Autumn 1

Topic: Marvellous Minibeasts

Outcome: ‘Minibeast Bop’ Children have a themed party. Children can come dressed in a minibeast costume.

Home Learning: Create a minibeast themed decoration to go on the wall.


Autumn 2

Topic: Celebrations

Outcome: Nativity performance to parents/carers.

Home Learning: Create a poster of their favourite celebration.


Spring 1

Topic: Dinosaurs

Outcome: Dinosaur living museum to parents/carers.

Home Learning: Make a ‘shoe box home’ along with an egg inside to care for. We will learn about what a dinosaur needs and how to help nurture the egg to help it hatch.


Spring 2

Topic: Everyone is a Superhero!

Outcome: Superhero themed day. 

Home Learning: Design own superhero and make a costume for the themed day.arning: Discuss features of a dinosaur and design their own.


Summer 1

Topic: Under the Sea

Outcome: Trip to the aquarium.

Home Learning: Explore the differences and similarities in materials at home? Do they float? Do they sink? Will they harm the environment? Present your findings.

Trips / Visitors: Bluereef Aquarium - Approx cost: £15


Summer 2

Topic: Once upon a time

Outcome: Sharing traditional tales to parents/carers.

Home Learning: Share a variety of stories at home, what is your favourite and why?