Anti-bullying week: 12th - 16th November 2018

Dear Parents and carers,

At present there is much national concern about bullying and how to prevent it. As part of our work to develop all children’s social, emotional and behavioural skills, we are holding a special focused week, to think about anti-bullying and how to treat others with kindness. 

I would like to emphasise that this is not because we have any more bullying than other schools. It is a planned part of the PSHE Curriculum that takes place every year at this time.

During the week, children’s timetables may change slightly, although they will continue to follow the National Curriculum. Most of their lessons during the week will have a focus on helping them to develop the skills, understanding and confidence to recognise and act when they see or experience bullying. The lessons will be varied and involve the children in many fun activities linked to this year’s anti-bullying theme, ‘Choose respect’ by designing and carrying out surveys, drama, dance, art, using and composing interactive stories, making books, reading and writing poetry. 

To share and enjoy all the work the children will have done, we will be holding special outcome assemblies. We would very much like to invite you to share these assemblies with your child’s class.

Assembly 1 for Juniper Class (Mrs Jones), Rowan Class (Mr Cascarini), Willow Class (Miss Hurley), Sycamore Class (Miss Norris), Beech Class (Miss Kingshott) and Oak Class (Miss Reed).

Assembly 2 for Maple Class (Miss Young), Hazel Class (Miss Bryce), Birch Class (Mrs Haumann), Aspen Class (Mrs Horkan) and Elm Class (Mrs Kempson).

Additionally, we will be holding a non-uniform day on Friday 16th November, when all children and adults working in the school are invited to wear blue to show their support for anti-bullying week. 

Your child may be bringing home some information and activities for you to share, talk about and enjoy at home. We look forward to welcoming you to the children’s assembly and working as partners with you in this important area.

With best wishes,

Liz Jones

PSHE Subject Leader