Our behaviour policy is designed to ensure everyone knows what is expected of them and how the school deals with and manages issues of behaviour.

At our school, everyone is welcomed every day as a valued member of an inclusive community, where everyone feels safe, secure and happy. Behaviour and attitudes are important to us and a calm and orderly environment within our school is essential for pupils to be able to learn.

Our school rules

Good looking: we look after our school inside and out

Good listening: we listen carefully

Good thinking: we are polite, kind and helpful

Kind words: We talk quietly in class

Kind hands and feet: we walk quietly in school

Working hard: we always try our best

Our rewards and sanctions linked to The Keys for Success: respect, resilience, persistence, organisation, co-operation and confidence.

Children making good behaviour choices are rewarded through:

Dojo and house points -

  • Pupils are given a dojo point by any member of staff including the senior lunchtime supervisor

  • The pupils in the top 10% of Dojo Points are invited to a tea party with the Headteacher, Mrs Taylor at the end of each term.

  • 10 dojo points will become a house point

  • Winning House get 15 minutes extra break at the end of the half term

  • Winning house get the House Trophy at the end of the year and children are awarded a certificate.

and / or Headteacher Merits -

  • Headteacher Merits are awarded at the end of the day for excellent work. 

and / or Keys for Success certificates -

  • 2 children from each class are nominated for a ‘Keys for Success’ certificate each week. 

Children making poor behaviour choices are sanctioned by:

  1. Being reminded of the rule - ‘The rule is. .’

  2. Being given a limited choice.

  3. Being given a clear verbal warning of the consequence of continuing to behave inappropriately. 

  4. Being given a ‘strike’ mark against their name in the class teacher’s behaviour log - resulting in 2 minutes being taken from their next break. (Poor behaviour at break or lunchtimes will be logged by the staff member supervising the children.)

  5. After three ‘strikes’ any further recorded incident will result in a 5 minute sanction with a member of Senior Leadership Team and the poor behaviour will be logged on the school’s behaviour tracking system. The child’s parent will be informed and will be asked to come into school to meet with a member of the Senior Leadership Team and the child to discuss their behaviour. The child and parent will be asked to sign a Code of Conduct document which details the behaviour the school expects to see.

  6. If the Code of Conduct is not adhered to, then a Report Card is issued. This tracks the child’s behaviour for one week. Parents meet with the Headteacher to sign a child off a Report Card after one week. This will be logged on the school’s behaviour tracking system.

Serious Incidents, including bullying behaviour will be dealt with by a member of the Senior Leadership Team. This will be logged on the school’s behaviour tracking system. In some cases serious incidents may lead to a fixed term exclusion at the discretion of the Headteacher.

For children who need extra support, an Individual Behaviour Management Plan (IBMP) and challenging behaviour risk assessment may be completed in consultation with the Inclusion Leader.