Stanmore Primary School

Committed to purposeful and irresistible learning where our children are inspired to thrive and everyone is the BEST that they can be.



At our school, everyone is welcomed every day as a valued member of an inclusive community, where everyone feels safe, secure and happy, hence able to play, learn and grow. Our community is confident in itself, is curious about and positively engages with wider society.  


Our school has high standards in everything it does.  We set no limits on what can be learned or who is able to learn.  A place that is proud to have a team of highly motivated professional educators, ensuring children are positively stretched, challenged and enthused about their learning. 


In our school everyone is encouraged to explore their potential and is given the opportunity to be inspired by a broad range of subjects and activities. We celebrate achievements and help people when they need support. Everyone is encouraged to create and value a sense of independence and interdependence. 


In our school we put our trust in everyone in the community to work towards the good of the community as a whole.  Our children develop a sense of trust in themselves to make positive choices, positive contributions, and to be able to make a difference to themselves and the people around them.

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