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Who will be rabbit of the day?

Now that Munch’s babies have started to grow fur, they are beginning to look like proper little rabbits, each with their own looks and personality.


The children will be taking a close look at them and choosing their ‘rabbit of the day’


The first baby to receive this special honour was chosen by William Reid and Alex Foster.


Here is a picture of their work. It reads:


‘He has a white spot on his head. On his right paw, it is white. He is the fattest rabbit. He is the sleepiest. That is why we called him Sleepy’.

Picture 1
Picture 2 And today's rabbit of the day is...... Mow!
Picture 3
'He was the first one to open his eyes. He has a mowhawk that finishes at the last bit of his neck.. He is called Mow!'

Check out the 'Rabbits!' article for pictures of all the bunnies and their names.