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It's all Greek to me!

On Friday 4th November we were visited by Daphne, who lived in Corinth. She was from a very wealthy family and we learnt about what this was like in Ancient Greek life (some of these clues can be seen in her outfit!)



We were able to hold and investigate artefacts from Ancient Greece and used these objects to infer information about the time period.



Did you know for example that the Ancient Greeks used a pot with a detachable lid as a toilet, which the youngest child in the house or the lowest slave had to clean? Gruesome!


Interestingly, we also learnt the Spartan war dance. Finally we looked at Ancient Greek foods and used this information to create our own Greek menus for Daphne.


We've had a fabulous day and kick started our new topic with lots of fascinating findings!



Thank you for all of the effort with your children's topics!