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A warm welcome to the Stanmore Primary School website. We hope you will enjoy browsing our pages, meeting our children and staff, all of them determined to ‘be the best that they can be…’

Integrated Curriculum

At Stanmore School, we work very hard to provide a broad, balanced and stimulating curriculum which engages all our learners.


We believe that children learn best when ‘hooked in’ to the topics that they are learning about so our topics are designed to awaken a sense of discovery and adventure during the learning journey. Having a purpose to learning is also important. Teachers carefully plan which National Curriculum subjects are linked to topics to ensure meaningful links for the children. English is at the heart of each topic, with quality texts used as the basis for pupils’ learning.


Gorilla in the classroom


At the start of each topic there is a ‘hook’, designed to engage children from the start. This could be a visitor or visit, a mysterious letter or object appearing in class or a request from a teacher or member of the wider school community.


Hermione and Owl


Following the hook, children will have planned learning opportunities and self-directed studies which aim to deepen their understanding of subjects linked to the topic. Alongside this learning in school is the requirement for a piece of ‘home learning’ to encourage further study outside school.


Parents and carers are asked to assist with the research, progress and completion of the task- these could vary from a PowerPoint presentation, a set of instructions, a poster and a map to a model!


Nursery Rhyme box


At the end of each topic is a planned ‘outcome’. These often involve parents and carers but will sometimes be for pupils only. The outcomes are designed to showcase the learning from the topics and provide the purpose for that topic. For example, after a visit to a museum, pupils may decide that they want to create their own museum and invite parents and carers in to school to view their learning.


Dragon Party


Romans outcome


French cafe outcome


Throughout all of our topics children are encouraged to work together and individually at times. We use our learning values; collaboration, critical thinking, character, communication and independence to drive the nature of enquiry. Aiding research and project content, children will have access to the school grounds, quality ICT resourcing, including iPads and our superb library.


Library research


Feedback from parents and carers about our topics is overwhelmingly positive. Children at Stanmore love learning!