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Empathy Book Spotters

The unique power of a really good story


Today in assembly, Mrs Richardson revealed that we all have a special super power. It’s a hidden power that helps us be a better person.


This force for good is called empathy.


Empathy is putting yourself into another person’s shoes and understanding and imagining how they are feeling. If you are skilled at empathy, you can be a brilliant friend, you can collaborate in a team, you can form relationships to help you learn and you can understand that people from other countries and cultures are not so different from you. In short, empathy makes you a better person and that in turn makes the world a better place.


So…..what if you feel that you’re not that great at empathy?


Well, that’s where the unique power of a story book can help….


Empathy books


Mrs Richardson explained that when you read a story book, you see the world from the main character's perspective; you feel what they feel, you go through the trials and tribulations of the story with them. Because our brain is learning all the time, it can be tricked into thinking that we’re genuinely part of the story and the empathetic emotions we feel for characters hard wires our brain to have the same sort of sensitivity towards real people in our daily life.


Empathy Assembly




Mrs Richardson now wants you all to be her empathy book spotter army. She wants to build up a fantastic resource of brilliant empathy books so we can all become more empathetic citizens.


Can you....

Find characters who show empathy

*Feel what a book character feels

*Find books that help you understand someone else’s feelings/perspectives better

*Find books that inspire you to put empathy into action

*Self empathy: find books that help you understand your own feelings better


Will you help her? Of course you will!


Your teachers have copies of the empathy book spotter sheets so just pick the one that suits you the best. You can also do a fabulous drawing if you like. Mrs Richardson has lots of sheets in the Library so you can always fill one out in your Library time.


If you want to get going straight away, you’ll also find the book spotter sheets at the bottom of this page, along with a link to the daft Sesame Street video that we watched today.


So what are you waiting for?


Empathy book spotters – get spotting!