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Book Club - Years 3 and 4

Children are invited to join Book Club by Mr Cascarini.

Members meet on the last Wednesday of each month. After a drink and a snack, they discuss the book that they've all been reading that month. Not everyone will agree that's it's been a really good book but that's what makes it interesting!

The first meeting of the club for this year will be on Wednesday 5th October 2016.

The dates and texts for the next academic year are:

The dates/texts for our meetings this academic year are:
5th October: The Butterfly Lion - Michael Morpurgo
2nd November: The Ghost of Thomas Kempe - Penelope Lively
7th December: The Silver Sword - Ian Serraillier
4th January: The Boy who Swam with Piranhas - David Almond
1st February: Tom's Midnight Garden - Philippa Pearce
1st March: Five Children and It - E. Nesbit
5th April: The Colour of my Dreams - Peter Dixon
3rd May: Aquila - Andrew Norriss*
7th June: The Borrowers - Judith Elkin
5th July: The Secret Garden - Frances Hodgson Burnett
* Please purchase this book as Andrew Norriss himself will be joining us to chat and sign the books! If you don’t wish to do this, please locate a copy at the Discovery Centre/your local library.


We had a great time with Andrew Norriss when he visited our book club session in May.


Andrew Norriss


Mr Norriss was very impressed that we read a different book each month and he really enjoyed the quality of our questions about 'Aquila'. We were all very amused by his answer to the question 'what inspired you to become a writer?' He said that he heard himself say it out loud when he was under hypnosis! We were also able to tell him how much we had enjoyed Ctrl-Z when Mrs Richardson read it to us during our Library visits.


Its always very exciting to meet the author of a book we've just read so thank you very much to Mr Norriss for coming in to see us - we really appreciate it! Mrs Richardson was also delighted to discover a brand new copy of 'Aquila 2' on her desk when she came into school the next morning. There's nothing she likes better than a lovely new book for the Library, especially one by a popular author like Mr Norriss!


Andrew Norriss