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Book Club - Years 1 and 2

Children are invited to join Book Club by Mr Cascarini.

Members meet on the last Friday of each month. After a drink and a snack they discuss the book that they've all been reading that month. Not everyone will agree that it's been a really good book but that's what makes it interesting!

The first meeting of the club for this year will be Friday 7th October 2016.

The dates and texts for the next academic year are:

7th October: Dogger- Shirley Hughes
4th November: Secrets of the Snow Globe: Vanishing Voices- Anne Wan*
2nd December: A Bear called Paddington- Michael Bond
6th January: Father Christmas- Raymond Briggs
3rd February: The Sheep Pig- Dick King-Smith
3rd March: Charlotte’s Web- E. B. White
7th April: Please, Mrs. Butler- Allan Ahlberg
5th May: Winnie-the-Pooh- A. A. Milne
9th June: Five on a Treasure Island- Enid Blyton
7th July: The BFG- Roald Dahl
* Please purchase this book as local author Anne Wan herself will be joining us to chat and sign the books! Copies available from Mr.C at a special price of £4.99



It was great to meet local author Anne Wan when she came to our Book Club session on 4th November. She told us all about how she writes her books and we were amazed to discover that it actually takes her longer to edit her work than it does to write the story in the first place!


She illustrated this with a peice of string and two pots. The short peice of string is the time spent writing the story and the long piece of string is the time she took to edit it.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Of course editing and polishing a story are vital to make sure it's the best it can be. The glazed pot looks so much better than the rough pot and hopefully and edited story will be much better than the first draft.



Thank you so much to Anne for taking the time to visit our club. It's always fascinating to meet an author and hear how they work.